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July 07, 2015
In a policy paper published this month, the AAP supports telemedicine on a number of platforms - but not for visits that conflict with the concept of the patient-centered medical home. Read More

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July 07, 2015
The Patient Viewer app joins two patient-facing apps rolled out late last year. More
July 06, 2015
The renowned health system is subsidizing a 100-bed telemedicine program and hoping that Congress will take note. But can legislators be convinced that... More
July 06, 2015
Hospitals are chock-full of connected devices that can be hijacked or compromised. Adam Winn of OPSWAT explains what needs to be done to make sure that doesn... More
July 02, 2015
What are mHealth News readers interested in? Apps, reimbursement, and a court battle down in Texas. More
July 02, 2015
The nation's largest telecom has launched ReadyCare, a telehealth service offering Australians 24-hour access to a GP. More
July 02, 2015
Alice Larson Sneed, Banner Health's top telehealth nurse, says the technology will help disparate systems "talk" to each other and reduce costs... More
July 01, 2015
Numera sells its mPERS and home telehealth business to Nortek, further pushing home-based monitoring into the smart home concept. More
July 01, 2015
The clinical record is undergoing an evolution, thanks to the integration of consumer-facing data. Is it becoming an EHR, or something else? More
June 30, 2015
Patrick Soon-Shiong's announcement of his IPO plans follows an investment in Allscripts. More
June 30, 2015
A promising startup out of New York that aims to connect the care team during transitions is getting a boost. More
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By Eric Wicklund An FCC filing may shed light on the device's future. Or not. More

By Jennifer Woodworth Physicians don't always realize the correlation between their clinical documentation and the... More

By Matt Patterson While health systems are facing the need to provide better outcomes at a lower cost, there is only... More

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Spotlight Apple takes a shine to mHealth From its HealthKit and ResearchKit platforms to its newly released smartwatch, Apple is emerging as a major force in the mHealth landscape – and may help to bridge the engagement gap between consumers and healthcare providers that continues to plague the industry. Here's a look at what we've written about Apple over the past few months.
The LA hospital automatically synchs its patients with Apple's platform, enabling them to enter health and fitness data into their medical record.More
Juniper Research expects the trendy smartwatch to dominate discussion this year. Also on the list: Another smartwatch, Microsoft's smartglasses, Intel's chips and a unique subscription-based ...More
Under the companies' joint MobileFirst initiative, three apps help nurses and nursing administrators in the hospital setting, while a fourth offers tools for home-based caregivers.More
Apple chief Tim Cook delivers a sleek, stylish smartwatch, and tosses healthcare a meaty bone with the ResearchKit platform. More
That's the question being posed by some following Apple's launch of its ResearchKit platform. Others, however, say the open-source platform and apps will revolutionize medical ...More
Apple recently gave us its big reveal: a smartwatch. Among the proposed sensors on this watch are a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. As ...More
The flashy new smartwatch isn't even available yet, but mHealth companies and some providers are already developing apps and imagining the healthcare possibilities.More
The California health system becomes one of the first in the nation to roll out an app synching the Apple platform with its Epic EMR.More
The move will enable developers and healthcare providers around the world to design their own research apps.More
It's not just the big guys who are interested in Apple's app and platform. There's a lot of potential for patient engagement efficiencies in health ...More
It's not just about mobile payment systems. If Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung's PayPal features become widely used, that could pave the way for ...More
In an interview with Bloomberg, the FDA executive says the wearables market is only focused on health and fitness right now, and won't come under ...More