stethoscope and iPad
April 27, 2015
The LA hospital automatically synchs its patients with Apple's platform, enabling them to enter health and fitness data into their medical record. Read More

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April 24, 2015
Using a remote-controlled robotic arm, a basic Internet connection and telepresence technology, an ultrasound specialist in New York is performing ultrasounds... More
April 24, 2015
Xerox's Tamara StClaire says telehealth fills all the needs of the connected consumer of the future, while most apps will fall away because they don'... More
April 23, 2015
An Alabama health system finds that speech recognition technology integrated with mobile devices and the EMR saves more than just paper. More
April 23, 2015
IBM's David Lingenfelter wonders when healthcare is going to notice it has a looming mobile device security crisis on its hands More
April 23, 2015
The software giant unveils a new Skype platform and announces a healthcare partnership. More
April 22, 2015
A Philadelphia-based company is developing an end-to-end solution to help those with chronic conditions manage medications at home. More
April 22, 2015
Aetna is one of a growing number of health plans partnering with digital wellness companies to create individual care plans for members, and mHealth is an... More
April 21, 2015
Patients who don't have advance directives or living wills run the risk of not having their wishes met on end-of-life care. Some mHealth companies are... More
April 21, 2015
At Children's Hospital of Orange County, clinicians are adapting a mobile platform to give them the tools they need to talk with each other -- and with... More
April 20, 2015
The National Law Review says "innovative care systems" will get a boost from the new law. More
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By John Tempesco When it comes to handling emergencies, no other industry is quite like healthcare. With lives... More

By Joseph C. Kvedar, MD A couple of years ago, my clinical practice (Dermatology Associates at Massachusetts General... More

By Eric Wicklund OK. Take a deep breath. The Apple Watch is here. More

White Papers and Webinars
A look back (and forward) 2014 mHealth Summit This year's mHealth Summit, held Dec. 7-11 at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center just outside Washington D.C., offered an interesting analysis of the state of the industry going into 2015. From consumer engagement to global mHealth initiatives to the Apple HealthKit craze, the hot topics and trends were on full display. Here's what we saw at the summit, and what we expect to see in the future.
A look at the top trends to follow next year in mHealth, as glimpsed at last week's conference in the nation's capital.More
Comedic jolts about drugs, diarrhea, the incredibly short lifespan of wearables and more from this week's conference. More
Sometimes the best-intentioned mHealth project falls flat, thanks to a misplaced accent mark or an attractive model. As attendees at a special session at the ...More
All the smart devices in the world won't advance care if the data remains invisible. Which means that consumers must be compelled, and it has ...More
Analytical grading comes to health apps, with the aim of supplementing the physician-patient interaction. More
The developer of a platform that mines social media data to track infectious diseases says it can be used to monitor everything from the flu ...More
Virtual house calls are making a difference in the lives of patients who otherwise would not have access to specialist consultations.More
Federal, state and private regulations are moving toward increasing acceptance of mobile and connected health's capabilities. That means new considerations for those striving to get ...More
Startups are raising big bucks to help make it happen.More
Questions about security and the potential to flood doctors with unnecessary data came to the fore this week, triggering the question: Will Apple's HealthKit follow ...More
Creating long-term relationships requires new approaches that follow consumers' wishes on how they want to interact with healthcare stakeholders.More
Current use cases demonstrate the technology's viability and potential to cut healthcare costs. More
'The takeaway is you have to get outside your garage,' an innovator tells his audience during a panel session at the mHealth Summit.More
An mHealth Summit panel discusses different ways to keep the care team in real-time communication with each other - a necessary tactic that saves money, ...More
One of the nation's foremost experts on connected health offered words of caution during an opening keynote Monday at the mHealth Summit. And while the ...More
At the mHealth Summit, top gamer shows how it's done.More
mHealth privacy and security experts attending a Sunday symposium at the mHealth Summit say healthcare workers will look for shortcuts if log-ins and other security ...More
mHealth companies like Validic, exhibiting at this week's 2014 mHealth Summit, are looking to give healthcare providers the information they need -- no matter where ...More