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December 11, 2015
Faced with the choice of maintaining two sources of news in the field, we've decided to focus our resources on building MobiHealthNews and we will cease publishing mHealthNews. Read More

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December 07, 2015
'Vendors don't get it, and they want to argue -- about patch management, disaster recovery, change management -- you name it,' one CISO said. More
December 04, 2015
From bedside devices to Windows XP systems, too many medical devices were designed without security in mind. Yet they're still widely used today. More
November 23, 2015
Check out this lineup of emerging companies with offerings spanning accountable care, big data, interoperability and precision medicine offerings. More
November 23, 2015
When the app is connected to the Internet patients can initiate transmission of pacemaker data. More
November 23, 2015
Over the next five years technology has the "ability to change the marketplace," with three major trends: convergent technology redefining what'... More
November 18, 2015
While both users and nonusers disagreed on many of their attitudes about telehealth, both groups agreed telehealth could potentially increase access to... More
November 16, 2015
Latest version of ruggedized laptop brings features appealing specifically to healthcare organizations, including first responders and emergency rooms. More
November 13, 2015
A tech fair in Finland - where Nokia once reigned supreme - is displaying what may be the next frontier in mHealth innovation. More
November 13, 2015
Florida-based Voalte is partnering with Uber to help one health system organize transportation for post-discharge patients, and working with a West Coast... More
November 12, 2015
From point-of-care consult tools to online chatrooms, decision support providers are finding new uses for mobile platforms. More

By Validic (SPONSORED) As patients increase their usage of mhealth products and services, some providers are... More

By Validic (SPONSORED) By leveraging information from wearable devices, employers can improve their employees... More

By Validic (SPONSORED) Communication gaps and data-sharing challenges are pervasive in healthcare, persisting... More

White Papers and Webinars
Spotlight mHealth masters in review Entrepreneurs, clinicians, executives and advocates all offered their take on mHealth during our recently concluded “mHealth masters” series, providing insight on the trends, possibilities and challenges facing the industry. Some were controversial and some were prescient, and all were certainly insightful. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights in the year-long series.
The founder and director of Partners HealthCare's renowned Center for Connected Health - which will host its 11th annual Connected Health Symposium next week - ...More
The driving force behind HealthEnabled -- and the face of the mHealth Alliance for many years before that -- sees digital health making a difference ...More
One of mHealth's most energetic ambassadors shares some very definite ideas on where the industry should be going.More
Bill Russell, who leads IT initiatives for the California-based 14-hospital St. Joseph Health system, says mHealth should be used more to make sure patients are ...More
Noted telemedicine attorney Nadia de la Houssaye says the jungle of state telemedicine regulations might be the biggest barrier to widespread adoption across the country.More
Alice Larson Sneed, Banner Health's top telehealth nurse, says the technology will help disparate systems "talk" to each other and reduce costs -- and it's ...More
The entrepreneur and keynote speaker for the upcoming HIMSS Media/Healthcare IT News Patient Engagement Summit says consumers will be attracted to mHealth if it fits ...More
The first-ever director of digital medicine at San Diego-based Scripps Health says wearable sensors will continue to evolve well beyond step-counting and will eventually prove ...More
The hospital's first-ever chief innovation officer wants to see more wearables, fewer health and fitness apps, and more mobile connections between clinicians to leverage basic ...More
The head of one of the nation's largest and longest-running telehealth platforms also thinks providers and payers -- rather than consumers -- will power the ...More
The man who helps guide the PCHA and Continua says smartwatches are here to stay -- but that probably won't be the case for sensors ...More
UCLA's chief innovation officer is bullish on text messaging and triage apps, but thinks mHealth won't take off until EHRs work seamlessly with mobile tools ...More
Chanin Wendling, who oversees digital health programs at the health system, says patient engagement begins with understanding what the patient wants, needs and has, and ...More
The Utah-based entrepreneur, whose telehealth platform is starting to gain a significant foothold, says ease of use and reimbursement are still keeping providers from jumping ...More
mHealth News kicks off its new weekly interview series with Rob McCray, head of the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, who talks about the mHealth industry's successes, ...More
Personal Connected Health Alliance vice president Rob Havasy, who also has ties to Continua and Partners' Healthcare's Center for Connected Health, doesn't see a future ...More
Psilos COO Stephen Krupa says the market is coming into its own now, thanks to interoperability and the evolution of consumer technology.More
The head of the health system's telemedicine program worries about certain business trends that shouldn't pan out, and feels the landscape will only get clearer ...More
Honeywell Life Care Solutions President John Bojanowski sees a lot of cool new technology and attention-grabbing startups in the healthcare space, but he says the ...More
Today, there's a paradoxical rift wherein an elite subset of people know a lot about themselves but the medical community has yet to warm up ...More
Karen Rheuban and David Catell-Gordon of the UVA Center for Telehealth offer their insights on the impending ubiquity of mobile devices and the value of ...More