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July 28, 2014
Even though most doctors and nurses already have smartphones, pagers and paper prevail in clinical settings. It’s costing the industry billions of dollars and individual hospitals millions annually. Read More

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July 25, 2014
IBM is joining forces with a Mexico-based healthcare publisher to launch score of clinical decision support apps to healthcare providers throughout Central and... More
July 25, 2014
Whether they're building their own apps or relying on developers, healthcare providers need to make sure what they're using won't result in a... More
July 24, 2014
Physicians and physical therapists are seeing a wave of new products designed to connect them with their patients at home (or elsewhere) to make sure they... More
July 23, 2014
Noncompliance with HIPAA regulations can have serious repercussions for healthcare organizations. A recent study showed the average cost of a data breach in... More
July 23, 2014
A New York hospital's decision to open a workshop in a local tech accelerator is proof that providers aren't just waiting around for the mHealth... More
July 22, 2014
California Direct joins the growing list of organizations using the app to enable secure transmission of medical records from the provider to the patient via... More
July 22, 2014
Marion McCall of Surgical Information Systems explains how mobile devices can help improve one of the most complex and chaotic departments in the hospital. More
July 21, 2014
The CancerRx apps offer doctors (and their patients) up-to-date information on cancer therapies and treatments, including news on the ever-advancing field of... More
July 18, 2014
Bill Ash and Kathryn Bennett of IEEE take a look at the promises and hurdles of mHealth, and find a recipe for provider acceptance. More
July 17, 2014
In what Mercom's CEO called "a quarter of milestones," mobile health technologies continued outpacing other realms. More
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By Mike Mitsock I recently had the opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital a couple of times through our... More

By Eric Wicklund Apple's iPad sales are slumping. Is that a sign? More

By Eric Wicklund As one hospital is learning, the promise of new technology can also be corrupted. More

White Papers and Webinars
Patient engagement and mHealth Setting the tone As the nation's healthcare system moves closer to a patient-centered model, more emphasis is being placed on effective communication between the consumer and his or her doctor. This doesn't just mean the doctor has to be available to talk with a patient at any time or place – that interaction has to be meaningful. How can a clinician ensure that what's being said is relevant to the patient? It's all about patient engagement.
First there was "interoperability." Then it was "meaningful use." And while both of those terms still occupy significant real estate in the healthcare reform landscape, ...More
A new national Patient Engagement Index will rank all health systems on their ability to communicate with patients through social media and mobile tools.More
The technology exists, and some interesting services are starting to emerge that harness text messaging to reach patients.More
With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, mobile technologies are quickly being adopted as a means to alleviate certain physician pain points and strengthen patient ...More
The North Carolina-based company is developing rankings for each state's hospitals, with the focus on personal health resources, social engagement and patient satisfaction.More
Two apps designed to help patients feel more comfortable win the top prizes in a weekend-long contest sponsored by NewYork-Presbyterian.More
While not a popular historical term any more due to its negative connotation, the "dark age" of European history was a period between 500-1000 AD ...More
The term "patient engagement" is everywhere now. It's part of the vernacular in advocacy circles, government, health technology companies and payers. It used to signal ...More
While marketed to the public, some startups are focusing their products on collecting data that doctors really do want.More
Clint McClellan, chairman of the newly launched Personal Connected Health Alliance, explains how this collaboration aims to bring today's healthcare directly to the consumer.More
Partners HealthCare's Connected Health Symposium, held last week in Boston, made it abundantly clear that while mHealth may be the bridge to tomorrow's healthcare ecosystem, ...More