Mony Weschler
November 21, 2014
The chief applications architect at the famed NYC medical center and member of the HIMSS mHealth committee says mHealth technology isn't just a toy any more, Read More

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November 21, 2014
It is an exciting time to be in the healthcare industry, especially considering the impact technological advancements in digital health have had on healthcare. More
November 21, 2014
Jonathan Linkous and Gary Capistrant say the political climate in the nation's capital may be akin to a 'train wreck,' so they're pinning... More
November 20, 2014
A recent news report says the makers of three popular baby monitors aren't doing enough to tell parents that their products won't prevent SIDS. The... More
November 20, 2014
A look at the technological challenges and impediments to ubiquitous telehealth as well as the reasons that healthcare providers should be optimistic about the... More
November 19, 2014
Three different programs launched by Partners HealthCare have produced three very different concepts of ROI. More
November 19, 2014
Consumers are embracing emerging virtual care models, which empower patients to take control of their health by having the majority of care taking place "... More
November 18, 2014
While it's not likely that a medical device can be reprogrammed to kill -- as happened on one TV series a few years back -- there are concerns that... More
November 18, 2014
Telehealth providers are seeing a surge of interest in secure video conferencing for mental health professionals, just one part of a nationwide push to make... More
November 18, 2014
Developers of cutting edge apps discuss the promise for advancing healthcare - even though only a fraction of what can be created is out there right now. More
November 18, 2014
With more than 100,000 of their customers using a wearable device to record health habits and earn bonus points, Walgreens claims it's working to make... More
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By Eric Wicklund A telehealth provider is combining analytics with its doctor database in a bid to make that online... More

By Rafael Grossmann Would you say that the Ford Model T is dead? Or did it actually represent the beginning of a... More

By Eric Wicklund That wearable device just might enable lawyers prove their case even if it means using patients own... More

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Payers come to the forefront in mHealth Money matters It's often been said that the only way that mHealth will succeed is if providers are reimbursed for using it. That's a rather simplistic solution, but it points to the influence that payers have on the emerging, consumer-directed healthcare landscape. So while health insurers are leading the way in deriving value from mHealth, they're also learning to redefine the technology's ROI.
In this Brave New World, the health insurance market must shift to a consumer-facing model, change its relationships with providers and be at the forefront ...More
Only 1 in 4 U.S. adults tracks their fitness with a mobile device, but new research suggests doctors and payers could push that number much ...More
A two-year-old health plan in Utah is rolling out a new platform that reimburses providers for a wide range of telehealth services.More
Targeting affluent people is one thing - helping patients susceptible to a range of diseases make necessary lifestyle changes is altogether different. And it holds ...More
It's no secret that healthcare providers are rapidly incorporating mobile applications into their practices, using them to interact with colleagues or obtain medical intelligence to ...More
A Pacific Northwest-based health plan network's adoption of the Lively activity tracking platform indicates the payer market is reaping home-based health monitoring for both seniors ...More
A recent survey by the Teleperformance Group questions whether U.S. payers are doing all they can to meet their members' mHealth needs.More
In this blog we'll examine the promise virtual assistants hold for the healthcare payer market and the consumers of their services.More
Insurance companies who aren't reaching out to members via mobile devices are missing out on considerable traffic. At least according to Google queries. More
In previous posts I have talked about the importance of some of the major stakeholders (physicians, non-physician providers, hospitals and caregivers) in mHealth adoption. For ...More
Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, answeres one of the most common questions heard in healthcare these days - namely, how can a ...More
Revenue cycle management companies are developing mobile apps that give providers and instant link to a patient's health plans and insurance eligibility - and enabling ...More